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Our Investments: Plerion


Plerion is an end-to-end cloud security platform providing contextual and intelligent assurance through a threat-led, risk-driven approach

  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
  • Founded: Mike Rehmati, Pierre Liddle, and Paul Garner
  • Industry: Cybersecurity, Cloud Security
  • Website: https://plerion.com

Founded in 2021/ Launched in 2022, Plerion offers an end-to-end cloud security platform that enables organizations to identify, prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities across all key aspects of cloud infrastructure driving immediate cost savings for enterprises (who typically use an average of 5 disparate cloud security tools). Armed with an elite team of experts, Plerion employs state-of-the-art technologies pioneering a threat-led, risk-driven approach that creates robust cybersecurity resilience that protects sensitive data, networks and infrastructures from malicious attacks. It actively engages in partnerships with industry leaders, academia, and government agencies to stay ahead of emerging threats, contribute to industry best practices, and promote a safer digital environment.

More on Plerion:

  • Nascent market with under-penetrated cloud security solutions: Global adoption of cloud technology has rapidly increased, fuelled by the digital transformation of organizations and accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic – majority of organizations now run >40% of their workloads on public cloud services; 85% of organizations deploy applications on two or more cloud service providers. These developments have created a fresh set of attack vectors and ensuring cloud security is now a critical imperative. Despite this, the cloud security market is still nascent and penetration of cloud security tooling has lagged the growth in cloud adoption. Enterprises are still largely underserved and traditional solutions have failed to adapt to the increasingly complex and large cloud infrastructures.
  • Plerion has built an end-to-end global SaaS platform architected for modern day cloud security needs. It can be rapidly deployed across large / complex cloud environments to provide full visibility of cloud asset inventory, generate context rich insights, and enable security teams to prioritize and address the most pertinent threats / vulnerabilities.
  • Strong founding team with demonstrated success: The team is led by Mike, Paul and Pierre. Mike & Paul are second time cybersecurity founders who are pioneers in the cloud security space, having previously built Cloud Conformity and scaled it into the one of the leading Cloud Security Posture Management solutions in the market today. Pierre spent 7 years in senior security roles at AWS, assisting customers with improving their cloud security programs. Through the founders’ journey with Cloud Conformity & AWS, they gained a deep understanding of cloud security pain points that enterprises continue to face with existing solutions – this formed the foundation behind their motivations to build Plerion as a full-suite Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) that can effectively serve the rapidly evolving cloud security needs of enterprises.

The press release for the full investment can be found here: Prosus.com/Plerion