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Our Investments: Kismet


Kismet aims to make disability and healthcare services more accessible to all.

  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
  • Founders: Mark Woodland, Stefan Cordiner, Lauren Grimes, Sam Armstrong, and Mathew Ellis
  • Industry: Healthcare (Disabled & Aged Care) 
  • Website: https://www.kismet.healthcare/

Kismet aims to improve access to care services through its comprehensive digital ecosystem for the global in-home, disabled, and aged segments, integrating a marketplace, financial planning tools, and a digital attendance & payment system that caters to all stakeholders. The company’s initial focus is on care recipients in Australia.

More on Kismet:

  • Unique and differentiated platform: Kismet’s unique and differentiated digital ecosystem approach allows the Company to facilitate the entire care delivery process on its platform, catering to all stakeholders. This enables Kismet to capture a greater share of wallet through various monetization streams. Kismet’s software-first approach differs significantly from other models in the market.
  • Impressive early traction and signs of product-market fit: The Company has demonstrated impressive early traction, with significant customer sign-ups and recurring revenues in the first six months since launching the platform.
  • Experience founding team with market fit: Strong founding team who previously all worked together and demonstrated their ability to run and scale a business at both the VC and PE stages. They previously led Xplor, a childcare management software platform, and grew it into significant business before being acquired in 2020.

Looking ahead, Kismet aims to broaden the spectrum of services available on its marketplace by onboarding more service providers. The company’s vision is to ultimately scale its platform globally to help millions worldwide access the care they need.

The press release for the full investment can be found here: Prosus.com/Kismet