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Our Investments: Corti


Corti is a machine learning company that helps emergency departments to detect critical illnesses like cardiac arrest in real-time.

  • Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark 
  • Founders: Lars Maaløe, Andreas Cleve 
  • Industry: GenAI / MedTech SaaS 
  • Website: https://www.corti.ai/

Corti offers a proprietary AI co-pilot for patient engagements. Today, Corti focuses on virtual and remote patient encounters, in which Corti’s co-pilot listens in, takes notes, provides medical codes, and quality checks the interaction between patient and caregiver in real-time, nudging the human agent and helping deliver better outcomes. The company has an international customer base with a strong footprint in the large North American market.

More on Corti:

  • Medical AI Platform: Corti is trained on thousands of hours of real patient calls and consultations. Corti listens alongside professionals and turns its learnings into actionable insights. The AI’s intuitive decision-support software assists dispatchers through the triaging flow, improving care response and reducing the number of mistakes. 
  • Real Time Decision Support: Medical call takers make better, more consistent decisions when supported by Corti AI. Patients can craft their own alerts and reminders based on keywords detected during the call. Such alerts can center around urgent medical situations to provide high levels of assistance to call takers, including street names and locations. 
  • A dedicated AI founding team: Founded in 2016 by Lars Maaløe and Andreas Cleve, Corti has delivered efficient human-computer partnerships that deliver best-in-class results to medical professionals. The company has won many accolades from organizations such as VentureBeat and the European Commission. 

The company’s vision is to revolutionize the medical consultation space by providing a platform that works effectively for patients and professionals. Corti has already assisted the medical practitioners in Denmark, and the United States, and the company and Corti AI co-pilot continue to grow every day.

The press release for the full investment can be found here: Prosus.com/Corti