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Our Investments: Bibit


Mobile first wealth management platform democratizing access to investments in capital markets for retail investors in Indonesia

  • Headquarters: Indonesia
  • Founders: Sigit Kouwagam, Wellson Lo, Johny Susanto
  • Industry: Wealth Management
  • Website: https://bibit.id/

Founded in 2013, Stockbit is the leading stock investing app for millennials in Indonesia. The company has evolved into a full-fledged brokerage platform for investors to trade stocks, share investing ideas, and information in real-time. In 2019, Stockbit launched Bibit, a robo-advisory investment app that allows users to build a personalized portfolio. Bibit is building innovative products and services to democratize investing in the country’s capital market, as well as enabling its users to invest in diversified asset classes.

To date, Bibit has enabled millions of investors – mostly millennials and first-time investors – in 500 cities across the archipelago to build investment portfolios based on their risk profiles and investment goals in a safe, simple and seamless way.

More on Bibit:

  • Product need and fit at the right time: The company offers a 100% online KYC and account opening process, superior user experience, transparent fee structure and tailored investing tools.
  • Personalized with a focus on exceptional content: The aim of Bibit is to help people achieve a secured financial future. Bibit makes it easier to create a portfolio tailored to each person’s risk profile and investment goals. The company delivers continuous, high quality investment education content, which is important in a segment underpinned by high consumer trust and the need for consistent consumer touchpoints. This includes the launch of Stockbit Academy, which provides stock market education from experienced financial mentors for free.
  • Already seeing remarkable success since we first invested: Approximately 90% of Bibit’s users are first time, millennial investors and the app offering is localized to cater to a wide segment of Indonesians. The company has built significant brand equity and is led by a capable founding team with deep industry expertise to drive the business forward. Among notable milestones, the company has most recently launched Stockbit Sekuritas, a full-fledged brokerage which is a member of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), as well as an e-IPO feature that allows users to participate in a 100% online IPO process, and was appointed by the Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia as a Distribution Partner to sell Government Securities (SBN) in early 2022.

The press release on the full investment news can be found here: Prosus.com/Bibit