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Our Investments: watchTowr


A cybersecurity platform empowering companies to get ahead of hackers 

Founded in Singapore in 2021, watchTowr is a cybersecurity company that empowers organizations with continuous cybersecurity assurance. The company has developed a next generation Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution that provides real-time security monitoring of digital assets that contain, transmit, or process sensitive data. Put simply, watchTowr helps enterprises discover in real-time how they could be attacked by the most sophisticated adversaries.

More on watchTowr:

  • Cyber-attacks are on a rapid rise: The explosion of internet-connected devices, cloud computing and software applications, has led to a significant increase in the potential points of attack. Most existing solutions are manual in nature, restricted to a specific point in time, and lack the scope and functionality to tackle increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. The ASM segment is expected to be driven by the following: increase in vulnerabilities across the globe, potential for high monetary losses, the surge of cloud adoption and the rise in stringent regulatory standards.
  • Superior product offering: watchTowr offers a holistic solution for organizations to understand, assess, and assure their attack surfaces, continuously, amongst an increasingly complex IT environment. With its automated backend technology that codifies learnings and tactics, watchTowr is continuously improving the robustness and efficacy of its security engine.
  • Founder with deep industry experience: We have conviction in the founding team and what they have built. watchTowr’s founder, Benjamin Harris, is a leading offensive security expert, with over a decade of experience building and leading high-performing offensive cybersecurity teams.

The press release on the full investment news can be found here: Prosus.com/WatchTowr