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Our Investments: Detect Technologies

Providing industrial organizations actionable intelligence to mitigate operational risks, reduce non-compliance and boost productivity

  • Headquarters: India
  • Founders: Daniel Raj David, Tarun Kumar Mishra, Harikrishna S and Kartik Rajasekaran
  • Industry: Vertical SaaS
  • Website: https://detecttechnologies.com/

Detect Technologies was founded in 2016 and since its commercialization in 2019, the company has grown rapidly to become a leading AI and SaaS enterprise, in the space of operational risk intelligence for industries in the core sectors.

Detect Technologies is a cloud native, artificial intelligence / machine learning driven SaaS company, helping core industrial businesses automate their risk identification and reporting functions, which include verticals such as workplace safety, asset infrastructure, and day to day operations. With an integrated, comprehensive, and globally tested platform, Detect’s client portfolio has grown from 25+ to over 45 companies globally. These span across sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, construction, steel, metals, chemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, power, renewables, and cement. Detect Technologies has created a vast library of AI applications that mine out these actionable insights from both structured and unstructured data.

More on Detect Technologies: 

  • Ever-growing need to automate risk identification and reporting functions: The World Health Organization and International Labor Organization stated that in 2016, occupational injuries caused 360,000 deaths (~1,000 per day), primarily due to non-conformance to the international safety standards. Detect Technologies offers T Pulse, which combines Visual AI and machine learning to identify hazards for frontline workers in real-time and in line with the global industry standards. This enables companies conform to international safety standards and ultimately reduce incidents. Other modules offer integration with various Industrial IoT and mobility devices for contextualizing incoming data streams to inspect a variety of industrial assets, assess health of frontline workers, monitor ambient working conditions, conduct spot audits and similar other day to day work processes for industries.
  • Technological differentiator: Detect Technologies has a comprehensive suite of AI applications that have designed and trained for industrial applications at scale. Their machine learning engine has been built with pre-trained data sets covering all major international standards, lending it a 92%+ accuracy in anomaly detection on near real-time basis.
  • Global expansion: After successfully demonstrating its product market fit in India, Detect has signed multiple long-term contracts with several Fortune 500 U.S. companies now, and has established a base in Houston, TX, one of the fastest growing technology hubs in the world. Detect will be using a significant part of its recent series B funding to expand its presence aggressively in the U.S. and Canada to serve its ever-increasing base of customers better in the region. This follows their successful expansion in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

The press release on the full investment news can be found here: Prosus.com/DetectTechnologies