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Amidst global economic uncertainty, India shines as a prime destination for long term investors

“The India growth story remains pretty solid and intact. I am confident that while late-stage investments may take a hit in the short term, the action in early-stage investing – where the investment horizon is much longer, will make a strong return."

Ashutosh Sharma, Head of India Investments, Prosus Ventures

Featured in: Mint 

By: Ashutosh Sharma

In the last few years during and now following the pandemic, the world as we knew has inexorably changed. We are living in very unique times. From modern life coming to a standstill as COVID-19 emerged and proliferated, to businesses pivoting, shutting down, and struggling to survive, to others thriving due to the new circumstances. There is no question that the times are still volatile, as uncertain macroeconomic conditions continue. 

These multiple economic and geopolitical forces are interestingly not congruent – some are acting in one direction and the others in the opposite, resulting in an overall churn that makes it tough to predict what the short term will look like. The only thing that is certain is high volatility. 

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